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Become a Certified Voice Interaction Designer

The future is voice. Advance your career by learning Voice Interaction Design from active industry leaders and practitioners, and let our career consultants help you become job ready.

Become a Certified Voice Interaction Designer

The future is voice. Advance your career by learning Voice Interaction Design from active industry leaders and practitioners, and let our career consultants help you become job ready.

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Come and be part of the voice interaction design specialization where you will learn everything to become a successful voice interaction and conversational designer from concept to copy.

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What you will learn

In this 24 weeks Voice Interaction Design Specialization, you’ll learn from everything to be a skilled voice interaction designer. And a chance to learn to design and develop voice interactions from thought leaders who is actively defining the voice tech standards. We will take you from the very basics of voice interaction and conversation design, through to how voice technologies work. We’ll do a deep-dive into conversation design strategy, and it will be fully hands-on with your Capstone projects. By the end of the course, you will have two voice applications successfully designed, developed, and deployed.

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  • Fundamental skills of voice interaction / conversational design
  • Voice-first thinking and voice strategies framework
  • Building blocks and basics of voice design and voice technologies
  • The voice design process, techniques and tools
  • Methods to test your voice application using Wizard of Oz (WoZ) Testing and Usability testing
  • Conversation design strategy and guidelines
  • Methods to validate, measure and optimize voice interactions performance
  • Inclusive Design Framework
  • Ethical and Privacy Voice Design Framework

Preview the course

Get a little sneak peak of our course.

This course includes:
  • 24 weeks of voice interaction specialization training
  • 100+ hours of Course videos & readings with activities and assignments to go along with the material
  • 12 hours of expert interviews
  • 3 capstone projects
  • Self-paced learning 
  • Full lifetime access
  • Access on mobile
  • Graded assignments with peer feedback
  • Graded quizzes with feedback
  • Shareable certificate of completion
  • Private slack group with access to our team and other students 24/7
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Installment payment option available

What can you expect?

We believe that learning any skill needs time, effort, and support. Our voice interaction design specialization provides a perfect blend of learning, mentoring, and career support.

Six-month program

Six-month program

In less than a half a year, learn the essentials of voice interaction design, conversation design, and chat bot design.

Flexible Learning

Flexible Learning

We all learn at our own pace. Our 24 weeks voice interaction design specialization is self-paced, meaning you can study when it's convenient for you! 

First-hand Experience

First-hand Experience

Work 1:1 on projects designed by industry experts and build up a strong portfolio before you enter the workforce.

Six-month program

Private Slack Group

We believe in collaboration. With our Private Slack Group you will have access to all other students, mentors and career coaches whenever you need them.

Flexible Learning

Weekly Hands-on Assignments 

We believe that practice makes a man perfect. Our program is designed to give you various weekly activities to keep pushing your creative thinking. 

First-hand Experience

Bi-Weekly Design Review Sessions

Every person we meet teaches us something new. We strongly believe in that, and so our design review sessions allow you to learn from your peers and get confidence in your skills. 

Voice assistants are the future. Strike while the iron's hot.

The global voice assistant market is projected to be valued at over $26 billion by 2030. The growing demand for chatbots, conversation design, and voice interaction design is increasing steadily. With our proven and acknowledged methodology, we'll give you the skills you need to become a leading conversation designer in the industry.

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What makes us unique?

We've worked with some of the best tech companies in the industry. We know the skills top tier companies are looking for in their employees.

On-Demand Mentor Support

On-Demand Mentor Support

You're never alone. Our on-demand expert mentors offer their unparalleled support, motivation, advice, feedback, and individualized attention to keep you on track.

Projects by Experts

Projects by Experts

Our course is based on a comprehensive analysis of the job market to help you learn every aspect of voice interactions and conversation design. We provide a perfect blend of theory and practical.

Personal Career Coach

Personal Career Coach

Our responsibility doesn't end once you enroll. With our personalized mentor program, you'll have access to career coaching sessions, interview prep guidance, and portfolio reviews. We're here to help your career flourish!

Why learn voice interaction design?

Learn a job-relevant skill that will help boost your career. Voice assistants are in high demand, and with Voice Interfaces fast-evolving, voice is the future of computing. Voice-led technology isn't only for convenience. Users who are blind or visually-imparied are finally gaining access to voice technology to improve their lives drastically. Voice interaction design specialization is helping pave the way for a more inclusive digital experience for all.



We understand that everyone has a different need hence we offer different pricing plan tailored to your needs.

Voice Interaction Design Fundamentals


Or 3 monthly payments of $697

  • 24 weeks of voice interaction specialization training
  • 24 hours of Course videos
  • 3 Capstone Project
  • 30+ Course Worksheet
  • 4 Conversation Design Frameworks
  • 10 Ready to use Voice Interaction Design Templates
  • Peer to Peer networking and Private Slack Group
  • FREE license to Botsociety, Botmock and VoiceFlow conversation design platform
  • Printable and Shareable Certificate Upon Course Completion
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Voice Interaction Design Fundamentals + Career Support


Or 3 monthly payments of $1,297

Everything in Voice Interaction Design Fundamentals plus:

  • Access to mentors and career coaches through our mentoring application
  • +12 hours of advanced course content videos
  • 5 hours Storytelling Training & Career Coaching
  • Access to 12 hours of expert interviews
  • 1 Mock Interview
  • 2 Hours Portfolio Review
  • 2 Hour Résumé Building and Personal Branding Guidance
  • FREE 1 year access to future upgrades to the specialization course
  • FREE 1 year access to DA Academy Career Search Group
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Voice Interaction Design Enterprise Training for 5 or more

Contact for Price

  • Standard Fundamental Training
  • Customized Fundamental Training
  • Onsite or Nearsite Training
  • Fully Remote Training
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Flexible Payment Options

We understand that enrolling in a course is a huge investment which may require financial planning. We offer an installment payment option so you can make easy monthly payments and still learn.

Voice Interaction Design Fundamentals

3 monthly payments of $697.00 USD


Here is what our students have to say about the Voice Interaction Design specialization. 


Sulekha Yadav


"Digital Assistant Academy provided the base I needed where people will recognize me as a conversation designer.

Weekly assignment were awesome that gave you freedom to explore your creative side,

Every Activity is different and push your thinking boundaries. This course includes both Functional & non -functional skills which is equally important in this field. Besides teaching, they took care of each student and had a keen note on how they are doing in & should feel supported.

Special thanks to my Mentor Shyamala ma’am for her constant guidance. I couldn’t be more proud to be a part of this."




Adam Woollacott


Currently enrolled with the Digital Assistant Academy, I am thoroughly enjoying the learning experience so far. This is not a course for the sake of just getting a certificate, it's a course that fully lays down the foundations for a career in conversation and voice design. With a good mix of learning materials ranging from videos and podcasts from industry leaders, research projects and developing my own capstone projects, the course provides a well-rounded learning experience. 

Alongside the voice course, the addition of the career coaching from Lee Andrese is definitely a benefit. By working in tandem with the course, it has really given me confidence by utilizing various techniques to tell my story, whilst increasing my professional opportunities. 

Both Shyamala and Lee have extensive knowledge in their subject areas, are very approachable and are more than happy to share their advice and to bounce ideas with at any time.

Very pleased and excited to learn more!"


Olga Fernández Deleito

"If you're expecting a course consisting of just watching video lessons and easy tests at the end of every lesson...forget it :-). 

The course guides you through well structured lessons. 
It really makes you read, listen, research, think, experience and...learn. It allows you to discover professionals worldwide in the Conversational Design community and get in touch with them.

The contents are good and enough to move you to know more.

The activities are thought-out, they really make you experience and reflect. You can give yourself the time you need to deepen in the themes you want.

And surprise! Shyamala doesn't leave you alone. She really cares for you. You can count on her as much as you need to go on and learn."

Our Frameworks and Toolkits

We have designed our program around well researched, tried and tested design frameworks and toolkits. We have worked with industry experts and researchers to create all our frameworks and toolkits.

Many expert conversation designers and tech companies have tried our frameworks before we put it into the curriculum.

Following a toolkit and framework, we can bring the right mindset into the process and design.

Access Practicing Expert Insights

Presentations from renowned experts in the voice tech industry will give you sought-after insights into the voice-tech industry! These pre-recorded presentations will shorten your learning curve, and boost your confidence when you pitch to clients and hiring managers. The 15 experts include Philip Hunter, Rebecca Evanhoe, Brooke Hawkins, Samrat Baul, and Bill Marshalls - all from high-profile companies, such as Oracle, Amazon, and Facebook. They will cover Designing for Voice, Conversation Design, Performance Optimization, Ethics, and Privacy and many other important topics.


Who this course is for:

  • Strategists
  • Content Writers 
  • UX Writers
  • Interaction Designers
  • Brand managers
  • Innovation leaders
  • UX designers
  • UI designers
  • Product managers
  • Marketing professionals
  • Brand managers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Innovation managers
  • Developers
  • Digital transformation managers
  • Students
  • Anyone who want a good user experience for their voice bots or chat bots

Talk with us

Do you have any further questions or queries? Or questions about your career plan? You can always schedule a complimentary consultation with us and get answers to your question or career suggestion. 


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